Castle Chillon in Veytaux, Switzerland

I’ve seen a lot of castles on top of hills and mountains while travelling on the train in Switzerland, but this particular castle intrigued me the most because it was located at the edge of a lake. I first noticed it on our way to Vevey at the beginning of the year, and we finallyContinue reading “Castle Chillon in Veytaux, Switzerland”

Dessert for Picnics: Lemon Butter Cookies

Here’s a quick and easy dessert you can whip up the night before your picnic dates this summer; lemon butter cookies. I used Jamie Oliver’s recipe and they turned out just great. Fragrant, soft and chewy – every bite such a delight. I didn’t dust the cookies with sugar afterwards for practicality sakes, but IContinue reading “Dessert for Picnics: Lemon Butter Cookies”