Naples: Sunsets and Memories

naples by anchoridtwon

We made it back to our favourite spot once again. It was a much needed pause especially on my end because I was so busy filling my mind with new experiences, people and conversations.

It made me happy going back there despite Christmas being very different that year. Our hearts felt heavy with memories but we were able to release some of them with a smile with every sunset we saw.

Sand trickled through my fingers as we talked. We were quiet sometimes, not because we ran out of things to say but because we didn’t have to. We spent time together preparing ourselves for 2015 and rebuilding our lives around the events of the past year.

I was eager to get back to what I was doing and S said something which I thought and said that I understood at the time. It actually took several months after that day for me to take his words to my heart and really realize what he actually meant.


Near Perfect: Naples, Florida

Sometimes I dream about leaving where I live now for somewhere else, somewhere far away, somewhere with warmer weather, waves, sand and a lot of stars in the night sky. Not for forever but a prolonged stay – maybe for a few years then return again with a newfound appreciation for things that have become invisible due to habit.

That place as it exists in my mind is not a tropical island type of isolated getaway, but a sophisticated seaside town not far from urban life. It’s similar to where I grew up in New Zealand, only much larger and located not so far from the rest of the world.

I unexpectedly found this place I’ve been envisioning on our recent trip to Florida. I know some of you might raise an eyebrow at this, but Naples had me in a heartbeat.




I stood on the pier and fell in love with what this place implied.

I didn’t mean to Benjamin Button my Florida trip for three months. I’ll end it with this post to forever remind myself and S how happy our time here in Naples made me.