Frigiliana, Spain

We could spot Frigiliana from afar; the village was perched on the side of a mountain and looked very white against the dark grey and green backdrop. We enjoyed lunch there at noon (surprisingly) and strolled through the streets briefly. Though most everything was closed, there were people out, mostly tourists bemoaning every step up the steep hill. The locals only started to emerge from their shelters once we were heading down to the car. I heard them before I could see them, especially the ladies’ clustered giggles as they walked past the breathless tourists.

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Málaga, Spain

Málaga’s beautiful city centre and waterfront revived our road trip in Andalusia. I would have loved to stay a day or two longer. I had such a great time shopping and browsing around the tiny streets filled with cafes, cervecerías and bakeries. It kind of reminded me of Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

Somehow the old and the new just seem to work in this city.

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Lunch Break in Gibraltar, UK

We said goodbye to September last year with a picnic on the Rock of Gibraltar, United Kingdom.

This was a very peculiar place to visit. The queue to drive into the country from the Spanish side was absolutely ridiculous. The price for a cup of coffee costed an arm and a leg. We drove across an active airport runway which intersected possibly the busiest road in the country. I couldn’t distinguish the locals apart from the Spanish border-hoppers or the difference between Llanito and Spanglish.

Sadly, the weather was too gloomy for us to see the continent of Africa from Europa Point, but thankfully, our paths did not cross with any Barbary macaques.

The afternoon sun and the beautiful light tower made our detour worthwhile though.

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Seville: Some Tips for the Brave

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Seville. I’m sure Seville has many wonderful things to boast about, but I unfortunately didn’t quite understand the place. We were run on excitement in the morning, annoyance in the afternoon then utter disappointment in the evening. Our overall experience there was rather hair-thinning, actually.

In case anyone decides to venture out there, it might be best to:
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Finding Food and Parking in Toledo, Spain

We headed south from Madrid and arrived in an ancient city called Toledo. It was an impressive place perched on top of a hill and surrounded by a river. It already looked and felt heavy with history as we drove into it to find a parking spot near our accommodation. We knew we couldn’t drive into the city, but we also didn’t know that everything was reserved for locals only.

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Thankfully, the lovely owners let us park our rental in front of their building for the night, but if they didn’t, we would have had to park our car very far away. After consulting the tourist map that the man gave us, we found one public parking area located down the hill. Although there were escalators and a public bus to take you up and down the hill, we were so glad we didn’t have to waste our time and energy worrying about that for just an overnight stay.

In contrast to the big and modernized Madrid, it was when we arrived in Toledo that we discovered how different our tummies ticked in comparison to the locals. Restaurant kitchens didn’t serve hot food for lunch until it was Continue reading