Naples: Sunsets and Memories

We made it back to our favourite spot once again. It was a much needed pause especially on my end because I was so busy filling my mind with new experiences, people and conversations. It made me happy going back there despite Christmas being very different that year. Our hearts felt heavy with memories butContinue reading “Naples: Sunsets and Memories”

Near Perfect: Naples, Florida

Sometimes I dream about leaving where I live now for somewhere else, somewhere far away, somewhere with warmer weather, waves, sand and a lot of stars in the night sky. Not for forever but a prolonged stay – maybe for a few years then return again with a newfound appreciation for things that have becomeContinue reading “Near Perfect: Naples, Florida”

A Night in Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami was surprisingly nice. We parked our car near one of the Metromover stations and took that to the waterfront. I like going on elevated monorails because they usually give you a great overview of a city (e.g. like Sydney), but unfortunately we couldn’t see much out of the windows. At least the rides wereContinue reading “A Night in Downtown Miami”

Airboat Tour through the Everglades Mangrove Forests

I know this sounds silly, but I was elated to see mangrove trees in real life. It was like a scene from the Life of Pi movie – stunning!    It rained a little that morning, but the weather held up for us to go on an airboat ride.    We reluctantly put on ourContinue reading “Airboat Tour through the Everglades Mangrove Forests”

Manatees at the Blue Spring State Park in Florida, USA

When S and I were in Florida last month, one of the first places we visited was the Blue Spring State Park to go see the manatees. Past experiences have taught us not believe everything we hear or read about tourist attractions, so we went there expecting not to see much at all. It wasContinue reading “Manatees at the Blue Spring State Park in Florida, USA”