Atop Mount Rigi, Switzerland

Couple of weekends ago the weather forecast for our region was pretty gloomy, but we got ourselves high above the rain clouds and hung out in the sun. This was the spectacular view from the top of Mount Rigi that day. It was perfect. I didn’t think I’ll ever say this, but it’s the truth.Continue reading “Atop Mount Rigi, Switzerland”

Castle Chillon in Veytaux, Switzerland

I’ve seen a lot of castles on top of hills and mountains while travelling on the train in Switzerland, but this particular castle intrigued me the most because it was located at the edge of a lake. I first noticed it on our way to Vevey at the beginning of the year, and we finallyContinue reading “Castle Chillon in Veytaux, Switzerland”

Murten: An Underrated Lakeside Town of Switzerland

Last Sunday S and I discovered the beautiful lakeside town of Murten in Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland, by pure chance. When our plan to go on a cycle tour around lake Murten fell through, we decided to take a stroll around town anyway and were quickly intrigued by what we found. Just a few streetsContinue reading “Murten: An Underrated Lakeside Town of Switzerland”

Picnicking in Bern’s Matte District

I used to commute to Bern everyday for the last couple of years, but I never really explored the city properly until now. Besides the main tourist attractions and my usual travel routes, I was absolutely clueless. I naively thought that I knew the place pretty well because of how often I was there, butContinue reading “Picnicking in Bern’s Matte District”