Note to Self: Hope

It was just us there standing by the viewpoint on a sunny afternoon at the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park in Spain. I could hear the waves, the seagulls and my heart beating. I should have been scared of the unknown waiting for me at home once this road trip was over but instead IContinue reading “Note to Self: Hope”

Cave Houses of Guadix, Spain

Guadix was such a fascinating place to visit. There were chimneys scattered along the hillsides and ancient cave entrances still intact and visible on the mountain. I didn’t know functional cave dwellings still existed today. Most of the cave homes were modernised with electricity and running water and some even had extensions added to theContinue reading “Cave Houses of Guadix, Spain”

Frigiliana, Spain

We could spot Frigiliana from afar; the village was perched on the side of a mountain and looked very white against the dark grey and green backdrop. We enjoyed lunch there at noon (surprisingly) and strolled through the streets briefly. Though most everything was closed, there were people out, mostly tourists bemoaning every step upContinue reading “Frigiliana, Spain”

Málaga, Spain

Málaga’s beautiful city centre and waterfront revived our road trip in Andalusia. I would have loved to stay a day or two longer. I had such a great time shopping and browsing around the tiny streets filled with cafes, cervecerías and bakeries. It kind of reminded me of Sydney’s Darling Harbour. Somehow the old andContinue reading “Málaga, Spain”

Seville: Some Tips for the Brave

Seville. I’m sure Seville has many wonderful things to boast about, but I unfortunately didn’t quite understand the place. We were run on excitement in the morning, annoyance in the afternoon then utter disappointment in the evening. Our overall experience there was rather hair-thinning, actually.

In case anyone decides to venture out there, it might be best to——