A Weekend Getaway in Colmar, France

When we were preparing for the big move to Switzerland four years ago, we decided to forgo buying a car upon arrival in favour of travelling abroad more.

Back then I used to panic at the idea of not owning my own car because I didn’t know anything else. I started driving when I was 15 and drove around everywhere ever since.

The public transport system in the area where I lived ticked on its own clock, and I didn’t have monster calf muscles strong enough to cycle up and down the hills of Auckland.

I had to part with my beloved station wagon when I moved. I was absolutely heartbroken when I had to say bye to it because it was such a good car. I used to be able to fit my entire life into it and feel invincible.

So far we’ve done pretty well. Switzerland’s public transport system is so great and reliable that I actually don’t mind being on buses and trains. I hardly ever felt the need or urge to go out and buy a car … well, until one particular weekend in February when we had a car long enough to use it beyond necessity and drove to a beautiful place for a weekend getaway for no other reason than ‘just because we can’.

This little town was called Colmar of the Alsace region of north-eastern France, and the architectural landmarks had me practising tai-chi at a distance with my camera.


Fun fact: If you’ve watched Howl’s Moving Castle, you’ll love walking around this town even more : )


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The Stunning Murals of Lyon, France

I’m still in awe of these magnificent outdoor murals of Lyon, France.The sheer size and the impeccable details of these paintings just blew me away.

The most impressive one was La Mur des Canuts, located at the corner of the Boulevard des Canuts and the rue Denfert-Rochereau, in Croix Rousse.

lyon by anchor it down

La Mur des Canuts, up close. Can you believe that this is painted all on ONE wall? I thought that crane was real until I zoomed in with my camera to take a closer look!


Street level view of La Mur des Canuts. ????????????????????????????????

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A Weekend Trip to Lyon, France

S and I spent the last weekend of Novemer eating, seeing and walking through the streets of Lyon, France. Despite the windy weather and our limited knowledge of French, we still managed to have a wonderful time. We bought food, tickets and souvenirs with our smattering of French, and the rest was dealt with a few awkward smile exchanges. We bundled-up warmly, so the rest didn’t matter.


We were very fortunate with the weather. It didn’t snow or rain while we were wandering around town. It was just really windy.

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