Weekend Baking: Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Zero fuss is the golden rule for any baking in summer, so instead of making the mini banana chocolate chip muffins like last time, I opted for this recipe and made 12 large muffins using the neglected spotty bananas that no one wanted to eat. Mhmmm – Delicious.

The Question Mark

“. . . [A] well-placed question mark can be the difference between bliss and disaster, and a deeply respected period or a cleverly inserted ellipsis can prevent all kinds of exclamations.” ― David Levithan, The Lover’s Dictionary The art of conversation is a hard skill to master. Stringing words together in the right way andContinue reading “The Question Mark”

10 Must-try Food and Drinks in NZ

February 6 is Waitangi day in New Zealand and the weather was apparently extremely nice in Auckland (sunny 25°C). I’m sitting here in a sulk because I can see snow flurries outside my window and the temperature is hovering around 0°C. Instead of donning my sunnies and a pair of jandals at the beach, I’m wrappedContinue reading “10 Must-try Food and Drinks in NZ”