Brief Escape in Rome

We flew to Rome to celebrate a particular milestone last year. S deliberately planned something abroad so that we could focus on the occasion properly. I didn’t admit this at the time, but I was so grateful that he did because this brief escape gave me the opportunity to catch my breath in the midstContinue reading “Brief Escape in Rome”

Naples: Sunsets and Memories

We made it back to our favourite spot once again. It was a much needed pause especially on my end because I was so busy filling my mind with new experiences, people and conversations. It made me happy going back there despite Christmas being very different that year. Our hearts felt heavy with memories butContinue reading “Naples: Sunsets and Memories”

Note to Self: Hope

It was just us there standing by the viewpoint on a sunny afternoon at the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park in Spain. I could hear the waves, the seagulls and my heart beating. I should have been scared of the unknown waiting for me at home once this road trip was over but instead IContinue reading “Note to Self: Hope”

Three years old: Loss, Time and Change

I finally blew off the layer of dust that’s been resting on my blog during my unplanned hiatus. I will be working my way back slowly and reliving some of my memories through a series of photographs and words. For most parts, I’ll be taming the butterflies in my stomach due to wanderlust tickling myContinue reading “Three years old: Loss, Time and Change”