Lunch Break in Gibraltar, UK

We said goodbye to September last year with a picnic on the Rock of Gibraltar, United Kingdom.

This was a very peculiar place to visit. The queue to drive into the country from the Spanish side was absolutely ridiculous. The price for a cup of coffee costed an arm and a leg. We drove across an active airport runway which intersected possibly the busiest road in the country. I couldn’t distinguish the locals apart from the Spanish border-hoppers or the difference between Llanito and Spanglish.

Sadly, the weather was too gloomy for us to see the continent of Africa from Europa Point, but thankfully, our paths did not cross with any Barbary macaques.

The afternoon sun and the beautiful light tower made our detour worthwhile though.

Gibraltar_Anchoritdown (1)

Gibraltar_Anchoritdown (2)

Gibraltar_Anchoritdown (3)

Gibraltar_Anchoritdown (4)

Gibraltar_Anchoritdown (5)



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