Central Market Hall in Budapest

One of the reasons why I love visiting Budapest is because of the indoor market in town.budapest-central-market-hall-by-anchor-it-down

Inside this brick-walled building is a world full of yummy food and interesting bits and bobs.

Central Market Budapest by Anchor it down

It’s an impressive indoor market. It’s clean, spacious and welcoming. I loved spending hours in here exploring, shopping and eating…. mostly desserts.

Make sure to stop by when you’re in Budapest. You’ll probably going to be in here for a while. I’d take enough cash, especially coins for the toilets. I’d also come ready to gobble down a couple of cakes instead of trying to eat lunch here. It’s usually very packed, and standing to eat (sans a table) isn’t very fun.

There are sinks by the doors on the ground floor where you can rinse off fruits to eat immediately.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy yourself a packet of Hungarian paprika powder. That stuff is worth gold. So good.

P.S. Pay attention to their opening hours, and skip going there at lunch time to avoid the huge crowd.

6 thoughts on “Central Market Hall in Budapest

  1. I remember strolling thru on a hot summer day and leaving with lovely fresh raspberries. They were a wonderful afternoon treat!

      1. I feel like that is totally appropriate. I don’t recall the specifics too clearly, but I think my friends and I sat ourselves down right outside and devoured them before trekking across the bridge. 🙂

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