A Night in Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami was surprisingly nice. We parked our car near one of the Metromover stations and took that to the waterfront. I like going on elevated monorails because they usually give you a great overview of a city (e.g. like Sydney), but unfortunately we couldn’t see much out of the windows. At least the rides were free.


It felt a tad bit chilly by the waterfront, but wearing a hoodie and jandels don’t really qualify as being “cold” in my dictionary anymore. Swiss winters will do that to you. I miss Auckland winters!


S spotted dolphins here so we stayed a little longer while I miserably failed to take a single photograph of them jumping out of the water.


So we headed towards the Bayside market place and strolled around the shops, bars and restaurants before calling it a night.


I’m sure that like every city, downtown Miami also has some dodgey areas that tourists should stay clear of. We were only there for a night and did not venture far enough to say how things could be at night. However, for the parts we were at, we felt safe using the metromover at night and walking along the waterfront too.


I would have liked to have stayed a little longer, but there were too many places we wanted to see in Florida. It was short but sweet, Miami!


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