Airboat Tour through the Everglades Mangrove Forests

I know this sounds silly, but I was elated to see mangrove trees in real life. It was like a scene from the Life of Pi movie – stunning! 



It rained a little that morning, but the weather held up for us to go on an airboat ride.


We reluctantly put on our long pants, windbreakers, shoes and socks before the tour, but we were very glad that we did once we started to speed through the mangrove forests.


It was also interesting to see where the salt water and fresh water meet.

Wildlife doing their thing.


However, we did not get to see any alligators on this trip 😦


We went with the Everglades City Airboat Tours in January. Our guide did a good job briefly explaining the geography and the ecology of the Everglades while on tour. However, he also mentioned that we won’t be seeing any alligators because it was too cold for them that day only after we took off (I think he said that they won’t come up to the surface if the temperature is below 26C?). He could have mentioned this crucial information beforehand. We would have come back on a warmer day otherwise.

Comfortable seats and a friendly captain though, but was it worth the money? Not really, no. 



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