Manatees at the Blue Spring State Park in Florida, USA

When S and I were in Florida last month, one of the first places we visited was the Blue Spring State Park to go see the manatees.

Past experiences have taught us not believe everything we hear or read about tourist attractions, so we went there expecting not to see much at all. It was a warm sunny day so we were thinking of taking a stroll around the park anyway. Then we arrived at the park and were both mind-blown at how nice this place was. Located just a few metres away from the car park was this; a little sanctuary.

blue state park manatees  by anchor it down

When we followed the wooden walkway lined with spanish moss  plants, we found these giant blobs hanging in the water. MANATEES!


Some just hovered around in one place and others swam around very elegantly like Japanese Koi fishes, then there were these two.


They came up to the surface to say hi a few times, then bumped into each other like two very clumsy hippopotamus’ too tired to swim.


Plus, we spotted these guys just chilling on the other side of the bank.


Pretty amazing, no? For only $6 (1x car; 2 people), we saw an alligator, turtles, and a lot of manatees at the Blue Spring State Park. If you’re in Florida, this place is worth visiting!


3 thoughts on “Manatees at the Blue Spring State Park in Florida, USA

  1. What did the poor cormorants do wrong that they aren’t mentioned? Or don’t birds do it for you? Manatees are very cool, though the wife and I can’t help but start laughing if someone mentions them. Much too long an explanation for a comment box 😉

    • That wink says a lot 😉 so I’m just going to run with my imagination.

      I had no idea what those birds were called. I didn’t even know what manatees were until just a few weeks ago so that should explain things.

      • I should confess I only know their names because they’re quite common in the river I live next to. They dive quite well and then like to sit on a log in the sun with their wings spread out like that to dry. Their Afrikaans name in fact translates as “divers”.

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