A Weekend Trip to Lyon, France

S and I spent the last weekend of Novemer eating, seeing and walking through the streets of Lyon, France. Despite the windy weather and our limited knowledge of French, we still managed to have a wonderful time. We bought food, tickets and souvenirs with our smattering of French, and the rest was dealt with a few awkward smile exchanges. We bundled-up warmly, so the rest didn’t matter.


We were very fortunate with the weather. It didn’t snow or rain while we were wandering around town. It was just really windy.

If you’re planning on visiting Lyon, I highly recommend using their metro system instead of trying to drive around everywhere. You won’t get very far with a car. The metro is sooooo convienient. I wish we had them in Switzerland instead of the trams.


Basilique de Fourvière; basilica on top of the Fourvière hill.


 The interesting basilica interior.


There is a lookout located just outside the building where you can get a panoramic view  of the city.


View over the city and the Saône river.


When we got back down from the hill the weather cleared up.


So we enjoyed our last day searching for good eats and drinks at the Christmas market until the Sandman came by.



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