Celebrating Christmas: The Perfect Chocolate Cake Using Quinoa


I really didn’t expect this chocolate quinoa cake to be this good. It was so rich, moist and just so delicious that this cake just replaced my usual go-to almond-based chocolate cake foreverrrrrr.
Conventional flour-based chocolate cake tend to be rather heavy to be enjoyed properly after a meal, so I always opted for alternatives, like the chocolate olive oil cake, and the almond chocolate cake, to make things just a bit lighter for our tummies. Now I’m going to have to crown this quinoa variation as the best one because it’s that yum.
I first came across this recipe on the Gour(meh)? blog. I do love quinoa, but back then I was very sceptical about using quinoa as a baking ingredient in my holy desserts. Then I realised Christina at De La Casa had also used this very recipe for her birthday cake this year, so I decided to go ahead and try it, and it turned out just perfect.
Although I won’t be able to celebrate christmas this year with my side of the family in New Zealand, I will be remembering and missing them (and my mum’s awesome glazed ham) with this chocolate cake.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas: The Perfect Chocolate Cake Using Quinoa

    1. You’re welcome. Using quinoa in desserts is something I only recently discovered, am I’m so glad I did. Happy baking!

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