It’s a Swiss Christmas Thing: Grittibänz


6th of December is Samichlaus Tag (St. Nikolaus Tag) in Switzerland. I’m not going to concern myself with the history of this day because Santa has been the biggest disappointment of the first five years of my life. However, to cut the long story short, this day is all about “Santa” bringing goodie bags (Claus-säckli) to children.

The contents of these bags vary in each region, but they commonly consist of mandarins, chocolates, peanuts, Lebkuchen (similar to gingerbread), and most importantly, Grittibänzen. The Grittibänz is just Zopf bread shaped like a man.

This year, I put together two bags for two of our very special little friends. As pictured above, I included some mandarins, chocolates and homemade Grittibänzen, to make it as kid-friendly as possible.

Those awkward chocolate sticks coming out the shoulders of my bread men are supposed to be broom sticks. Considering the fact that this was my first attempt at making them, I was pretty stoked with the results.


One thought on “It’s a Swiss Christmas Thing: Grittibänz

  1. Much classier than the goodie bags Canadian kids receive!! Junk, candy canes, candy bars, more junk. Mandarins, nuts, homemade bread and nice chocolate – what a good idea!

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