End of Summer Trip to Elba Island in Italy

When the weather started turning gloomy at the beginning of the month, we had to do something about it. We weren’t quite ready for summer to end just yet, so we drove down to Italy and caught the ferry over to Elba island (isola d’Elba) where it was still warm. It was our second time there, but we enjoyed our stay even more this time round.


At this time of the year, the island is empty. Peak season has been and gone, and a few Swiss, German and British tourists seem to remain.


In the mornings, we awoke to this.


Our days ended with a breathtaking sunset like this almost every evening.


Sometimes we spent the whole day at the beach, swimming, eating and reading all on repeat.  Other days were spent touring the many hilltop and coastal towns around the island.


I love walking through the narrow Italian streets.




We’re both coffee lovers, so we really enjoyed being able to stop at random little cafes while touring the island and drink amazing coffees whenever we wanted to. Swiss baristas should really learn how to make good coffee from their neighbours. Then the ridiculous prices for a cup of coffee will actually make sense.


We’re back in Switzerland now, and reluctantly accepting the fact that autumn is here to stay. We need another plan. I wonder where to next?


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