Easy Homemade Jam Roulade Using Only Four Ingredients


Our first attempt at making a jam roulade was a huge success. Did you know you only need some flour, sugar, eggs and jam to create this tasty dessert at home? It’s surprisingly easy to make, and a lot cheaper and healthier too.

Jam roulade is commonly known as a Swiss roll or a jelly roll, but I prefer calling it a roulade for three reasons:

  1. The Swiss didn’t invent the “Swiss roll”.
  2. Jelly, for me, is the wobbly dessert stuff, not jam.
  3. The word roulade is said to originate from French rouler, meaning “to roll”.

However, call it whatever you want because as Juliet says,

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.

―William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

She’s right. This jam roulade/swiss roll/jelly roll tastes absolutely delicious no matter what you call it.

If you’re after a slightly fancier sponge cake alternative, this is the way to go. For handy tips about how to roll the roulade, click here.

For the recipe, click here.



3 thoughts on “Easy Homemade Jam Roulade Using Only Four Ingredients

  1. Hmmmm! Now you have me hungry. It goes wonderfully with custard, by the way.

    If you want to make this even better, use a chocolate batter (probably only need to add cocoa?) and instead of jam (I’m with you on the jelly) use caramelised condensed milk. Over here people also usually sprinkle sugar on top, though I don’t know how they get it to stick.

    • I can never say no to custard and caramel. I used to eat custard roulade in Japan and they were indeed very nice. Thanks for the idea.

      I’ll give the chocolate variation a go and post about it soon 🙂

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