Fresh, Flavourful Coffee at The Mill in San Francisco

During our stay in San Francisco, S and I stopped by at The Mill one morning to get our necessary caffeine fix.

We didn’t know anything about this place, but decided to give it a go anyway. There was a long line in front of the cashier, so we understood that as a sign of excellence.


I fell in love with their airy interior. It was beautiful. Sadly, I couldn’t capture any of it on my camera in fear of getting stoned by the not-yet-fully-awake people eating their breakfast. So I’ll leave you this link: do take a look at these gorgeous photographs taken by Eric Herrmann.


I heart this so much – Square reader attached to an Ipad is the way to go for small businesses.


YES, proper coffee!

America, what’s up with the filter coffees? They’re absolutely disgusting. I made the biggest mistake of going to Philz coffee in SF prior to my visit here at the Mill. Never doing that again. Philz coffee tasted horrible.


Perfect frothy milk for my cappuccino on-the-go. The coffee and milk ratio was just right, and it tasted amazing with a slight nutty aftertaste.

The Mill is apparently famous for their breads too, but I didn’t take much notice of it because the price for a piece of toast was just horrendous. If I had known that toasts and coffees were their thannng, I would have given them a fair chance and gotten the combo deal. I just didn’t know.

I did see a rack stocked with very expensive bread loaves wrapped inside brown paper bags, but the smell didn’t lure me in like bakeries should do. I couldn’t smell any freshly baked breads at the time I was there, or hear any satisfied moaning or the this-tastes-so-heavenly eye roll of customers while waiting in line to get my coffee, so shame on me for not trying out their supposedly famous breads.

If you’re in San Francisco and are tired of drinking Starbucks and want to try something new, I recommend the Mills. Friendly staff and great tasting coffee are sometimes all that is needed for a place like this to work, you know?


2 thoughts on “Fresh, Flavourful Coffee at The Mill in San Francisco

  1. Glad I came across this post. Will be checking out the coffee scene in San Francisco soon and the coffee and place looking great! Will have to make a stop in.

    • I’m glad I’ve convinced you to drop by there. The coffee was really great, almost as great as the ones I used to drink back in New Zealand.

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