Jacaranda Trees in Los Angeles






I’ll never forget the sight of these magical flowers covering the streets of Los Angeles. Jacaranda trees were in full bloom when I visited Los Angeles a few weeks ago.

I remember picking up some of the fallen petals to see if they were really real.

Their mesmerising beauty stopped me in my tracks every. single. time. They seemed so surreal.

Aren’t they just beautiful?


12 thoughts on “Jacaranda Trees in Los Angeles

  1. Jacarandas are beautiful trees. I studied in a small town in the Western Cape, South Africa, called Wellington. There were Jacarandas scattered throughout town. In springtime I’d cycle up a hill from which you could see most of the town. It resembled a green blanked (oak trees) with purple splotches here and there. And of course Pretoria is known for it Jacarandas. In October the entire city is awash with purple.

    They are not your friend if you suffer from sinusitis, though. Springtime in Wellington was also when I stopped breathing.

    • Oh no, what a bittersweet moment! I just googled Wellington and it looks like a very beautiful place. However, Pretoria looks even stunning with all the Jacarandas everywhere. I’m so intrigued by their colour. I used to think that I’ll never find anything as beautiful as the Japanese Cherry Blossom trees. I’m glad that I’ve found an equivalent.

      • Wellington is lovely. However, my wife and I drove through there recently and it has changed so much since our student days. I suppose that’s always the risk when you revisit fond memories in real life.

      • I know exactly what you mean. It took me a while to bridge the gap between my memory and reality when S and I revisited some of our favourite places in New Zealand last year.

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