Double Chocolate Muffins


Moist, airy and rich double chocolate muffins – I should make these more often.

I’m very fussy when it comes to baked chocolate desserts.

Although I hate dry cakes, rock-hard cookies or brick-like muffins, if they are homemade with love, I’ll wash them down with loads of tea to be polite. However, if they have poor quality chocolate in them, no puppy eyes will make me stomach any of it.

That doesn’t mean I’m a chocolate snob. I judge chocolate by its taste and not its price tag.

That said, you’ll really taste the difference if you don’t use the good stuff for these muffins.

I used blocks of Frey chocolates for mine, and plain white sugar instead of the one the recipe called for and they turned out great.

Little things will make a huge difference so I recommend you use eggs, butter and milk from happy animals to achieve the best tasting double chocolate muffins.

I actually used a triple chocolate muffins recipe for this and eliminated the white chocolate part (because chocolate is brown).

It’ll be hard to stop yourself from eating more than just one. You’ve been warned! They’re seriously good, and just heavenly with a cup of Jo.


3 thoughts on “Double Chocolate Muffins

  1. They look delicious. Seeing that you live in one of the big three chocolate producing countries in the world you are allowed to be a chocolate snob, methinks. Unfortunately high quality chocolate is terribly expensive over here.

    • True, but being a real chocolate snob is tiring. I live with one, and your comment must have pressed his buttons because now he says he can’t go to bed anymore and is pacing about 😉 He is demanding to know what the other two top chocolate countries are. He’s so convinced Swiss chocolate is the best, you see.

      I don’t really fancy expensive chocolates. Sadly, their price tags never guaranty their tastiness. Thank goodness my top two chocolate brands are attainable at my local supermarket. Well, I can’t get NZ Cadbury anymore, but I can get Swiss Frey ones.

      • Earlier this year I got to attend a Belgian chocolate tasting. Ever since, Cadbury’s just doesn’t taste that good anymore…*sigh*

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