Waiting for Summer: Lemon Muffins


Sometimes, I like to take a break from eating chocolatey desserts and eat something lemony for a change.

I like lemons because they remind me of summer. Maybe it’s the bright yellow colour, or the refreshing sour taste – either way, they make me happy.

I don’t know where spring has gone because the weather has been very gloomy as of late. Spring weather confuses me. Rainy one second, then sunny the next. I’m over the hot and cold and am so ready for summer to arrive.

When lemon muffins are baked properly, it’ll taste like sculling a 5 cent lemonade sold by the kid next door during one hot summer afternoon.

Try out the this yummy lemon muffins recipe and let’s hope that summer arrives soon.

Easy to make, delicious and not too heavy – three very important criterias for summer baking.


3 thoughts on “Waiting for Summer: Lemon Muffins

  1. lemon muffins, lemon cakes, lemon cookies are my favorite, and i don’t eat most desserts… mmmmmm (mouth watering at the thought of the tart)

    • I’ve never tried lemon cookies. You’re spot on about lemon tarts though. They’re so good! Oh, and lemon slices too. Those are my favourite. I hope I can find some when I arrive in SF. Haven’t managed to find any good dessert places while traveling the west coast at the moment 😦

      • There used to be a girl in one of my literature classes in college who would make lemon cookies from boxed cake mix. I’ve only had one my whole life, but I still think about them. But lemon slices and lemon tea. Yes!

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