Slightly Sweet, Slightly Sour: Raspberries and Chocolate Olive Oil Cake


I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of substituting certain ingredients when baking desserts, but have never been a big fan of eating them myself. I’ll eat anything if I don’t know it’s been altered. Even if I can’t taste the difference, my mind won’t let me forget that I’m eating a fake version of something. I assume it’s because my mother used to sneak celery and carrots into my favourite dishes as a child, and I’m still getting over that trauma.

However, when I tried out Lianne’s  chocolate olive oil cake with fresh raspberries containing zero flour or butter, I was positively surprised.

Not only did it taste and smell nice, it also looked great too. I really loved the way the red raspberries created a lovely contrast against the dark brown chocolate cake.

The cake didn’t rise much and the texture was rather grainy because of the raspberry seeds and the ground up almonds, but the semi sweet taste with a hint of  sourness went so nicely with a glass of red wine.

The original recipe is by Nigella Lawson (click here for the recipe), and the idea of adding raspberries is Lianne’s.

I had a bag of frozen raspberries that needed to be used up, so I added the whole 400g bag into the cake batter and it turned out just fine.

This cake definitely tasted  different, and was much lighter than a traditional chocolate cake. I’m not sure if this will be a hit with the kids, but I’ll keep the recipe for when my future dinner host duties calls for a special dietary dessert.


3 thoughts on “Slightly Sweet, Slightly Sour: Raspberries and Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

    • It definitely was delicious. Tasted even better with a scoop of ice cream. I love desserts that are pleasing to both the eye and the tastebuds 🙂

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