DIY: Coffee Bean Candle Holders


Inspired by this and this, I made these sweet little coffee bean tea light candle holders today. Yes, it’s true and tested – the room will end up smelling so good from freshly brewed coffee once the candles warm up the coffee beans.

To make these gorgeous little decor pieces, you’ll need:

  • Small glass jars  (I used yogurt glasses, but baby food or jam jars will also work)
  • Some twine
  • Handful of coffee beans
  • Tea light candles
  • Hot glue gun (to secure the twine around the rim)

The photo is pretty self-explanatory, so I’m sure you know what to do next.

Remember to recycle the glasses if you decide to get rid of them later 😉


5 thoughts on “DIY: Coffee Bean Candle Holders

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