Weekend Baking: Apple Sponge Top

Apple Sponge Top_By_Anchor it down

After enjoying a week full of sunshine, the weather is taking a wet turn for the weekend. It’s easy to feel under the weather when the wind picks up and the sky darkens at noon already, so I decided to bake something nice to keep my spirits high and for S who will be coming home from work in the rain. I like making warm desserts when the temperature cools down, so with my rainy day music on repeat (like this song or this one), I tackled the bag of apples sitting on my kitchen benchtop and settled on making an apple sponge top for dessert tonight. I believe that this may also be referred to as the apple sponge pudding too.

I adapted it slightly from the original recipe from Foodhub (click here for the recipe). I omitted the berries and added 1/4 more milk to the sponge batter. When it was done baking, I served it with whipped cream instead of custard. 

The verdict?

It ticks all my boxes. It’s melt-in-your-mouth good, fluffy, sweet, smells divine and very simple to make. I think this apple sponge top is a nice alternative to other baked apple dessert varieties like the apple crumble, pies or tarts.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Baking: Apple Sponge Top

    • True. I over did the apple crumble last winter so I was so glad to come across this sponge top recipe too. It’s a great little dessert which can served hot or cold with whipped cream, ice cream or custard 🙂

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