Weekend Baking: Chocolate Smarties Muffins

smartiesMuffins_anchoritdownWe’re off to a party where there will be a lot of children attending, so I baked a batch of chocolate smarties muffins to win over the little guests’ hearts. Thank you S for the idea!

I just used a standard chocolate muffins recipe and added a cup of smarties to it. I then stuck a couple on top of the muffins while it was still hot for purely aesthetical reasons.

These chocolate smarties muffins turned out great and not too sweet. They’ll surely be a hit amongst the kids, but in case they’re not, S and I will gladly eat all the muffins up ourselves ๐Ÿ˜‰


4 thoughts on “Weekend Baking: Chocolate Smarties Muffins

  1. You really do like food, don’t you?!
    Welcome to my world. It’s lovely when the world is a kitchen. So many lessons for life… And, of course, for the tummy too! Lol!

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