Weekend Baking: Marble Cake


S and I teamed up and baked this yummy marble cake today. I couldn’t decide on whether I wanted to bake a chocolate cake or a sponge cake (again), so S came up with the glorious idea to sort of bake both. Basically, marble cake is what you get when you marry butter cake and chocolate cake together. It may sound like a lot of work, but it’s actually really easy to make. S and I are yet to master the swirling technique to create a better marbling effect, but it turned out absolutely delicious anyway; moist and not overly sweet. This classic marble cake can be enjoyed as is with a cup of tea, coffee or milk. However, if you’re feeling fancy schmancy, you can add your choice of frosting, ganache or sprinkle plain old icing sugar over the top. This recipe is fail proof.


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