Weekend Baking: Sponge Cake with Fruit Topping


A classic sponge cake topped with fresh fruits and cream is my new go-to dessert at the moment. I think it’s such a versatile dessert suitable for any occasion. All you need is some flour, sugar, butter and eggs to bake a basic sponge cake, then the rest is up to you. Some like to layer theirs with jam or cream cheese, or even sandwich delectable fillings between their sponge cake layers. I like mine with toppings just because I think it looks more posh. I used this basic sponge cake recipe sans any rising agents then topped it with some whipped cream. Yum!

If you’re after similar desserts, check out my other posts. You could try making a quick and easy jam roulade using only four ingredients, or a spongetop with your choice of fruit.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Baking: Sponge Cake with Fruit Topping

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