Trading Sand for Snow: Lake Geneva in Winter

Besides craving certain kinds of food and drinks, what I miss most about New Zealand is our beautiful beaches. I guess it’s inevitable living in landlocked Switzerland, but fortunately this country has some pretty impressive lakes. So this past weekend, S and I ventured out to a lakeside town called Vevey in the French-speaking part of Switzerland to make the most of the beautiful winter’s day. Although there weren’t any sandy beaches there, there was a lot  snow. I’m still getting used to experiencing the opposite seasons here in the northern hemisphere.


I know it’s not quite the same as hanging out at the beach, but it was actually really nice not having to worry about reapplying sunscreen for a change. We walked around town first and discovered a flea market so we had to nose around there a little. You never know what treasures you’ll find.

Anchoritdwon (4)

Then we indulged in giant macarons as we stood awestrucked by this magificant view of the alps.

Anchoritdwon (2)

For once I didn’t even mind the snow or the cold because the weather was really nice. I only like snow when it has just fallen and creates a snow blanket on the ground. Anything other than that I quickly get tired of because I really don’t like the slushy grey mess on the road when the weather warms up. It’s even worse when that slush turns into ice. The picture books I read as a child never portrayed that side of winter wonderland. I’m pretty sure I’m the only kid on the block with a bruised butt every winter. I don’t know how the Swiss do it. They all seem to find their balance like a boss.

Anchoritdwon (3)

I still can’t believe that those macarons we ate were only two francs each. What we ate weren’t the Paris variation of macarons with the fillings. They were fat cookies that looked more like amaretti biscottis but tasted of pure almondy goodness. I was too busy devouring mine that I completely forgot to take a picture of it. I am trying to find the recipe online but it seems as though the colourful little Paris macarons have taken over the internet world.


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