Weekend Baking: Chocolate Chip Cookies


I baked towers of chocolate chip cookies to make myself and a lot of people happy today. If the smell of cookies baking in the oven doesn’t already make you happier, you’ll no doubt be smiling after you take a bite out of the still warm cookie from the oven.

I, on the other hand, begin grinning at the initial preparatory stage of cookie baking because I get to crack open our chocolate stash. That’s right – we keep blocks of Swiss chocolate at our place for like, ya’know, emergencies.

Happiness then comes in stages for me:

1. Bashing up blocks of chocolate into tiny pieces is like popping bubble wrap.
2. Sampling cookie dough.
3. When the smell of cookies takes over the entire place.
4. When the first bite is crispy.
5. When the second bite reaches the soft chewy centre of the cookie.
6. Eating unexpected huge chunks of chocolate bits.
7. Going for seconds.
8. Maybe for thirds and fourths too.
9. Cookie coma.
10. Repeating steps 4 to 9 until no cookies are left.


If you’re not a cookie person that’s cool. I’ll find you slightly odd though if you’re not a dessert person at all.

FYI, I used this recipe.


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