I Moustache You to Accompany Me on a Cookie Hunt in Auckland

2016 EDIT: Sad to report that this cookie store no longer exists in Auckland.

My awesome brother took S and I to this little gem in town today. S and I fell in love with this place straight away. Why? Cookies, cookies, cookies. Need I say more? Oh! and the name of the shop too, of course.



Apparently, Moustache is the first milk and cookie bar in town so it got everyone talking when it opened for business a few months ago. They were in the media a lot because Cookie Time; the giant of our biscuit industry, tried to make them take out “bar” from the “milk and cookie bar” because of trademark issues (click here for more info).

Anyway, the reviews of this place are up and down. It’s sad how some people are comparing Moustache with the legendary Mrs Higgin’s cookies down the road. Yes, MH’s cookies are sold nice and hot. Yes, they smell awesome from like a kilometre away. Yes, they have that perfect chewy centre which just melts in your mouth. I get all that. However, they are sold at a little stand well suited for on the go. Moustache, on the other hand, sell yummy cookies in a cool boutique-like place. You can buy and dash or take a seat and hang out for a while because the deco is fab and the staff are friendly.

Besides, you simply can’t go wrong with cookies (unless Bertie Bott from Harry Potter starts producing vomit-flavoured cookies or something. I don’t think they’ll be much of a hit in the wizarding world either).

That’s my two cents anyway.

If you’re in Auckland, do pop in and give Moustache cookies a go. My two favourite men and I have approved of their yumminess.


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