Dip Your Toes in the Water at Silo Park, Auckland


Sun, angels, lights, piano and the ocean. This is Auckland’s awesome waterfront; the Silo Park.

So it finally happened. I used to hate the fact that Auckland lacked a proper accessible waterfront for the general public like Sydney. Now, I think that Auckland’s waterfront is, I dare say, better than our neighbour’s.

Just a few years ago, this entire area used to be an ugly industrial place. All we had was the usual Viaduct Harbour. Prince’s Wharf and the Viaduct Basin were known to be places where only the rich came to play. The superyacht marina only catered for a specific kind of crowd; those that could indulge in overpriced restaurants and accommodations all-the-time.

Fortunately, the old Wynyard Quarter got a much needed revamp! Yay! The space has now been opened up to host an array of outdoors events, like the open air cinema, concerts, exhibitions and markets, or even indoor functions at the new Viaduct Events Centre all year round.

My favourite thing about the place is the huge concrete steps located right by the water’s edge. It serves as a perfect area for people to come and dip their toes in the water while sipping on Flat Whites and eating take away food.

There are also good eats and drinks (mind you, at affordable prices) just around the corner. The renovated Marina area called the North Wharf now has great restaurants and bars lined up to the Events Centre. If you keep walking this way, it will lead you to the familiar Prince’s Wharf and the buzz of Auckland’s downtown.

Whether you are young or old, rich or not so fortunate, a tourist or a local, I love how Silo park provides for and welcomes everyone. It is truly an awesome place to hang out and make beautiful memories with your loved ones. It is also formal enough for professionals to carry out business lunches too in my opinion. I just wish all this was there when I was living there a few years ago.

If you’re in Auckland, I suggest you visit this place en route to Waiheke island. While living abroad I have come across people who have visited New Zealand tell me that they didn’t like Auckland at all. I understand how one can come to such a conclusion. Our country’s capital or the beauty of the south island can make it very hard for our “little big city” to shine. However, I think that you just need to look in the right places. Hopefully you’ll get a better impression of what Auckland has to offer by spending a day at Silo first, then planning a trip out to one of the islands near by. That way, you can experience Auckland as the city of sails, a place with its own kind of charm.


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