Don’t Get All Touristy on Me Now, Rotorua

Anchoritdown_NZ (13)

Anchoritdown_NZ (7)

After leaving Taupo, S and I spent a few days in Rotorua.

I used to think Hamurana Springs was a piece of heaven on earth, but it has become too touristy now. What a shame. The rustic feel is gone. Everything’s so tidied up making it seem very strange and well, unnatural.

There used to be direct water access to the spring, but now it’s closed off. WHY? Protection sakes, blah blah blah. I get it. Whatever.

I see the usefulness of the elevated platform because you can get a wicked view down to the spring, but I don’t like not being able to dip my finger in the water to feel how freezing it is.

The only thing I liked about revisiting the place is the beautiful redwood trees that line the path to the spring.


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