Seville: Some Tips for the Brave

Seville_anchoritdown (1)

Seville. I’m sure Seville has many wonderful things to boast about, but I unfortunately didn’t quite understand the place. We were run on excitement in the morning, annoyance in the afternoon then utter disappointment in the evening. Our overall experience there was rather hair-thinning, actually.

In case anyone decides to venture out there, it might be best to:
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Finding Food and Parking in Toledo, Spain

We headed south from Madrid and arrived in an ancient city called Toledo. It was an impressive place perched on top of a hill and surrounded by a river. It already looked and felt heavy with history as we drove into it to find a parking spot near our accommodation. We knew we couldn’t drive into the city, but we also didn’t know that everything was reserved for locals only.

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Thankfully, the lovely owners let us park our rental in front of their building for the night, but if they didn’t, we would have had to park our car very far away. After consulting the tourist map that the man gave us, we found one public parking area located down the hill. Although there were escalators and a public bus to take you up and down the hill, we were so glad we didn’t have to waste our time and energy worrying about that for just an overnight stay.

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Change, Loss and Madrid in September

I was faced with inevitable changes during September last year. The dominant factor was an anticipated but unwanted one. It came as a heartache which I could feel to my bones, but the weird thing was that I still continued to function. The seconds kept ticking and the world kept turning despite feeling like the world inside my heart has stopped. That’s the crazy thing about loss.

I think it’s when you finally register the fact that life still goes on despite what happened, is also when you finally stop fighting to keep old memories, but shift your focus on building new ones alongside what’s there.

I think it’s good to breathe the air of new places and see new things to start such a change.

The weather in Madrid towards the end of September was very nice. We didn’t plan anything in terms of what we were going to do or eat but roamed the streets of this vibrant city using only our stomachs as clocks and noses for direction.

Our time in this city marked a beautiful start to our getaway from what September offered us.

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Three years old

Happy anni anchoritdown

I finally blew off the layer of dust that’s been resting on my blog during my unplanned hiatus. I will be working my way back slowly and reliving some of my memories through a series of photographs and words. For most parts, I’ll be taming the butterflies in my stomach due to wanderlust tickling my feet again, but for some, I might find tears well up in my eyes.

This time last year, I was in the midst of things which all happened very suddenly, constantly and seemingly without warning. I was overcome with emotions I didn’t quite know how to digest and I just wanted to shut my eyes and disappear for a while. I remember my various attempts to create posts for this blog but deleting every single one of them at the end of the day because of this … feeling. It was occupying a significant space in my heart like an acquaintance who never knew when to leave. Now when I think about it, I realized that the question was never about when it was going to finally leave, but rather why I chose to let it stay.

I’m busier than I’ve ever been but I am in the process of reinterpreting the word ‘busy’ to encompass vital breaks. So although this post has had many false starts, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Happy third anniversary Anchor it down.

Thanks for reading and to all those who’ve stuck around.

Knorr Storage Chest


This stunning storage chest was left neglected in the attic for a long time until I decided to adopt it and bring it home with me a few months ago. Meet the newest member of the family. It doesn’t have a name yet. I’ll worry about that later.

A little boy’s mindless act of vandalism made this chest look very sad for a while, but it was fortunately saved with a bit of love and care.

Now it sits proudly next to our couch and serves as a toy chest for our godchildren. It contains everything from picture books, legos, Mr. Bearsie to a train set, and it will continue being a box full of joy until we convert it into a coffee table a few years later.


I tried all sorts of methods existing under the sun to remove vivid from painted wood without causing any damage. I will skip the blah blah and just get down to the point.

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